Computational Mathematics Platform

Mathematical modelling for projects that need scalable execution and enterprise IT integration


  • Use a language that is concise and close to math

  • Computational Notebooks will give you a familiar environment

  • Modellers do not need to be sw engineers to create algorithms

  • Integrate with Excel and CSV data sources


  • Containerize generated model code

  • Publish models as Running Web Services

  • Publish models as shared Code Libraries

  • Manage Access to generated artifacts


  • Call Published Web Services from in-house or 3rd party Web Applications

  • Download JavaScript (Browser or NodeJS), Java, Android or iOS bundles

  • Embed into Server, Client or Mobile applications

Start Developing your Calculation Models

Build your Domain Models in a language that is as close to your Math models as it can be. Start with some of our sample projects (actuarial, statistical, investments)

  • Develop Formulas in language designed for Calculations

  • Develop Formulas and Documentation side-by-side as you work on your Project.

  • Try and analyse your formulas as you develop them

  • Develop test cases to help regression testing

Deploy running code on the Cloud or on Private Infrastrucure

Make your Calculations available to your Applications, whether these are Web or Mobile Apps, In-house or third parties.

  • Create your Calculation API that will be called by applications

  • Version and Publish code generated from your model

  • Create downloadable libraries embeddable on various platforms: Android, Java and iOS.

Call your Calculation API

Application Developers have many options to integrate your model's API, ranging from HTTP API to embeddable libraries.

  • Setup Client Applications that provide secure access to applications like portals or mobile applications

  • Manage Client Applications

  • Limit Client Applications to specific Calculations

  • Parametrize your Web Service containers: CPU, memory and scalability parameters

  • Web Services are deployed in our Kubernetes Cluster running on AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Downloadable Libraries

Use downloaded code to host your own calculation services (e.g. Node.js or Java environments)

Use downloaded code to integrate in Client environments (e.g. JavaScript based Web Clients, Android or iOS apps)

Documentation with build instructions is provided to help integrations

Free trial

The Free version lets you Discover how you can use Formulative to develop and integrate your Math models

  • Build Mathematical Models

  • Share you Models either as an Individual or Create an Organization account

  • Deploy Web Services

  • Download and Test Generated Code

  • Publish Web Services to API Clients
    (Scaling is limited in the Trial Period)

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