Trying your formulas

While developing your model you are likely to want to check how it works. To do this use the Evaluate function available after you open a Project.

Click Evaluate shown below:


To get an introduction to how Evaluating your model works see this tutorial: Evaluating your model

Creating configurations

In order to Evaluate your formulas you need a configuration. Configurations provide a module list that determines the visible formula assets for the evaluation session (scope).

A Default configuration is provided when you first access this function. There is nothing special about it, so you are free to rename it.


Other than the import list, a configuration specifies the input and output variables.

Use the dropdown to switch between configurations. The configuration last used will be saved, so that when you repeatedly access Evaluate, it will open the configuration last used.

Set the Module List

After you created a new config, you have to choose the required modules to import. Remember that the resources that are not put into modules (that are in the Global Module) are imported automatically.


Adding Variables

When you selected modules that contain formulas, you can click the Add variable button below that opens a variable selector dialog from which you can choose some variables that you want to inspect in your test.


Input and output variables

Set which variables you want to input for the calculation session and which ones you want the formulas to calculate (output).

You can set variables by clicking into the input control. When you add a new variable it will be set as an output by default.

If the value does not fit into the input because it is too long or complex, an eye icon will appear in the input. You can reveal the whole value by hovering this icon.

If you want to edit a more complex value, you can open the source editor that provides more space for writing, displays the preview of your source and also helps you edit some types (e.g. matrixes) more easily.


Ordering Variables

You can reorder your variables in the list the same way as the columns in the parameter tables.

Run Calculation

When you finished editing the values, you can click the Calculate button.

On the right side of the dialog a calculation log will be displayed. The variables and the formulas are highlighted and you can hover them. The calculated values of the variables and the rendered form of the formulas will appear in tooltips. Each calculation step can be expanded or collapsed to reveal or hide the details of the evaluation.


This way you can follow what happens with your model during your calculations. To switch between the calculation log of the different variables, click on the list icon in their row.

If you delete a variable now that is required for the execution, the application will detect it and offer some help to recover your test case.


When you modify a config the Save button will become enabled and emphasized so you can save your modifications.