Sharing a project

The application provides numerous ways to collaborate on a project.

As individual

As an individual user, all resources you work with belong to you initially, and you have to share them with the other users if you want them to contribute to or simply just see what you are working on. When someone has a project that is only shared with them it behaves a bit differently than an owned project so the project list screen is divided into two section to help you distinguish them.


If you want to share your project with someone you can do it right in the project list or inside the project on the Members screen.

In the project list

In the project list you can find the Share option in the project menu. By clicking on it a dialog appears.


If the project is already shared with someone, a Shared with section is displayed in the project’s box, where you can see a summary who is it shared with. You can also open the share dialog by clicking on this section.

If you are the owner of the project, in the first section you can see an email input where you can type the address of the users you want to invite to collaborate. Next to it is a list from which you have to select their role on the project which specify what they are allowed to do with it. For the description of these roles go to the Sharing section.


After you clicked on the Share button, the invited user will appear in the Project members list with a Pending status. Also an email is sent to the given email address containing a link whith which the user can accept your invite and join your project as a collaborator. In the Pending status you can still cancel the invite or you can resend the email.

When the user accepts the invite the pending status will disappear and the current role of the user will be displayed. The owner can set the role of the users later with the dropdown list in each user row, or can also finish the collaboration and delete the users from the project by clicking the X.


The list of the collaborating users can get long so you can search in it and reorder it using the controls on the top.

On the Members screen

When you are inside the project, go to the Members screen. Here you can set the project accesses the same way as in the share dialog, so we will not repeat the process. If you want a detailed desciption, read the previous section.


As an individual user you can only share projects that you own, so you cannot re-share project that were only shared with you.

In organization

When you are a member of an organization, all projects belongs to it no matter who created them, so there is only one section in the project list screen, the Organization projects.


If you open the share dialog or go the the project’s Members screen, you can see a list of the organization members. The accesses of the members are divided into two columns, the organization-wide and the project specific accesses.

The organization-wide accesses are derived from the members’ role in the organization and they cannot be modified from here, they can be set only by the admins of the organization. (You can read more about this here.)

In the other column, the project specific accesses of the users are shown if they were granted access directly to this project. If you have permission to manage the project accesses of members, you can do it by selecting project access roles from the dropdown inputs displayed here or deleting the current access.

The user’s actual access to a project will be chosen from the default and explicit accesses depending on which one has the highest permission levels.

As only those users are listed here that are already members of the organization, they do not have to accept invites so no email is sent, the access is set automatically. The next time they use the application they are going to see the project with the role you just set.


The access of admins cannot be modified.