Creating a table

  1. Open the module you want to add tables to. Click the plus sign on top of the right pane and choose Table/New. A 2x2 empty table will be created.
  2. Optionally write a short description by adding some markdown.
  3. You can fill the values manually. For importing tables check the Importing a table task.
  1. Hover the header of the table and on the right a little arrow appears. It will open a list of actions that can be performed with the selected row/column.
  2. Add columns/rows by clicking the arrow and choosing insert option. Column names are restricted, see the concept documentation of parameter tables for specifics.
  1. Fill the table with the values you need. Pressing the tab key on your keyboard will jump to the next cell.
  2. Select the mathematical domains for the columns. The table cell values will be validated against these.

Data settings

  • give a variable name
  • collection types
  • data domain

Table format

  • custom headers
  • computed rows/columns


Members of organizations need to be authorized for certain actions. If you have trouble completing the former instructions as an organization member please refer to our documentation on organizations.