Editing formulas


Members of organizations need to be authorized for certain actions. If you have trouble completing the instructions as an organization member please refer to our documentation on organizations.

Creating formulas

  1. Open the project you want to add formulas to.
  2. On the left sidebar create a module if you don’t have one already.
  1. Click the plus sign the top of the right pane and choose Formula. This will automatically add a new item to the list below and shows the editor.
  1. Write your formula with the Formulative language.
  2. Note that when you leave the editor, the displayed image of your formula refreshes. Your changes are automatically saved.
  3. To make some notes to your formula click the plus sign again and select Markdown this time. Here is some help to our extended markdown format.

Ordering formulas

  1. With Ctrl+click you may select one or more formulas.
  2. Reorder the selected formulas with the arrow buttons on top of the right pane. This order will also affect the formula order in the documentation.
  3. When you are done, you may click on one formula to deselect the others.

Deleting formulas

  1. To delete a single formula select it and click the trash button on top of the right pane.
  2. To delete multiple formulas Ctrl+click to select them and click trash.