Configuring your builds


The build process transforms your mathematical model into executable source code. With build configurations you can customize this process. Learn more: Deployment.

  1. Navigate to the “Deployment” page of the project you would like to configure.
  2. For every project a “Default build config” is generated, you may use this and click “Options” button or you can create a new one by clicking the “New” button.
  3. The id of a build configuration is generated from the name of the calculation group by default. It can be changed later when needed.
  4. Select the calculation groups you would like to include in your builds. Selecting “All” will use all available calculation groups and will automatically include newly created ones.
  5. Select at least one target to build.
  6. Click “Create” if you decided to create a new one or “Update” if you chose to modify an existing one.